Apr 19, 2016

Ceramics by Leanne Berelowitz (5)

Recently Leanne came to me with two newly finished ceramic orbs to document. Last year she had the idea of taking a Before and After photo of one of them. This one in particular was to become larger version of Leanne's Golden Orb design. Leanne's second orb had been finished with fine details. We needed to capture it in its entirety, as usual, but it would also be nice to have the narrative-like details. leanneberelowitz.com

Apr 11, 2016

Catapult Design (9) glassware

Wow, I had this carton of handcrafted glassware for 3 weeks now since delivery. After the queue was cleared, the challenge was seemingly simple, 12 samples of drinking glasses, in charcoal and aqua. Had the glass been clear, the standard go-to methods are black line on white background or white line on black background, which produce stunning results in grayscale showing crisp outlines and can be maintained across a range of styles. But that did not apply here, as we had to address partial transparency, preserve real colour, and deal with reflections. After the first white table shoot had yielded underwhelming results, a web search and a look to a random Swedish housewares catalog came back with a plan.

The images hit list plan was as follows. 1) the perfect front face, with stand glass side reflections, preserved base reflection de-emphasised in post, in a perspective showing the essential front geometry with a hint of the top to indicate 3D depth and inside; 2) an alternative 3D perspective with bias on the top face, in realistic individual style; 3) a lifestyle setting showing a collection; 4) an alternative a lifestyle setting with real liquid. 5) some play with Environmental Graphic Design, set placements and background textures, which is nice to have though non essential.

The next time that this class of product shows up on my desk, I don't expect it to be easy, but the turnaround time should be shorter.

Check out catapultdesign.net.au

Material test:

Download: https://drive.google.com/folderview?id=0ByYfGXitClSpY0hxODUxYlJRUDg&usp=sharing
Album: https://goo.gl/photos/7gdwX7zA4tefDDg86

Apr 5, 2016

Ceramics by Richard Spoehr

Richard's ceramics in porcelain and glazed stoneware explore systematic precision in shape and surface aesthetics, with only minute variation from one piece to the next. Seeing all the photos that we took all at once reminds me of the periodic table of elements. His works in the upcoming exhibition are sensible tableware -- bowls, cups, bottles, and relevant vessels.


Richard Spoehr
at Stella Downer Fine Art
Exhibition 3 to 28 May 2016
Opening Saturday 7 May, 3 to 5PM
2 Danks Street Waterloo NSW 2017 Australia