Feb 5, 2016

Hobo Vegan Fusion rebrand

It was one of those OMG moments, when you decide that Now is the time to jig up a hipster logo for your own food blog. With a few letters and arrow heads you get 90 per cent of what you need in 10 percent of the time. And then you need a creative defining icon, like a bulbous onion. Sure, could have used the online hipster logo generator but we all would have missed out on the onion.

Funny enough, as I was playing with arrow heads for the above piece, my friend Mark walked in and asked for a few minutes to help him with his logo.

It was fortunate that Mark had his mind set on a specific idea, so experimenting was quite expedient, and he got what he wanted, and I went back to crafting an onion.

Strike while the iron is hot!

Feb 3, 2016

SQ1 IN RESIDENCE . Danks Street . Opening Wed 3 Feb 2016

IN RESIDENCE Artists from Square One Studios
A group exhibition curated by Sean Morris
The Depot Gallery
2 Danks Street Waterloo NSW 2017


Wed 3 Feb 2016 -- 6PM, opening night. For the next 2 hours the galleries of 2 Danks Street were pulsating with vibe.

Wed 3 Feb 2016 -- 3:32PM, almost ready the opening.

Jan 29, 2016

Lineseed V4

Since its inception back in August 2015, the original Lineseed screen wallpapers design experiment had progressed to other works and formats. The versions now include wall art, an exhibition piece with promotional takeaways, a draft design book, and now a video clip! And we haven't exhausted our ideas yet!

The video native format is 2K 1080p, 3min

More about the Lineseed linage via

A companion ebook had also been developed
LineSeed 1080p-50