Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Wave chandelier and Lux Forma by Oliver Tanner at VIVID

My friend Oliver ( ) had two sculptures in Vivid this year, and asked me to photograph them. Both contain some amount of programmed LED pixel action.

At various points during the shoot I thought that I was doing the right thing by trying to freeze movement at night (like when kids were running around the lux forma sculpture), but the lesson reinforced was just to shoot at ISO 50 as detail is king and grainy noise from higher ISOs is not your friend when it comes to RAW development in spite of conflicting hunches. Also I found that editing this set was surprisingly challenging, without a meaningful explanation.

Monday, May 25, 2015

Space Folding by Zina Kaye at VIVID

Last Thursday, while shooting on location for at , we had to wait for the go-ahead to switch on the lights on the Wave Chandelier (featuring an LED pixel sequence). In the mean time we made friends his very cool neighbor, Zina Kaye from and took a few snaps of her installation, Space Folding  (also featuring an LED pixel sequence). I kinda regret not grabbing a photosphere from the inside, like a saw another dude do as well, just to unfold it and stick it on instagram, but we got these pics which I am also pleased with.

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Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Steel Life by Mark O'Ryan

Like recalling those impressive full page magazine ads from the 80s for lifestyle products, the ones with captions but no message, my hazy memory of a much more recent situation goes something like this.

Can we get some sparks into the scene? 
And, by the way, the usual also please.
By the way, what do you call this?

Steel Life.
Can you bring an angle grinder?

Mark asked me to photograph his Steel Life sculptures.

These look quite comfortable and inviting to sit on, but appearances can be deceptive, The sculptures are made from metal, and so are hard and cold.

He had the idea of communicating the concept of steel by adding sparks to the scene with an angle grinder.

Here is what we made from that evening's shoot in the SQ1 loading dock.