Sunday, August 2, 2015

Ceramics by Leanne Berelowitz (4)

Another installment of Leanne's ceramic work. 

Generally sculptural artworks are documented by photographing them individually. However, abstract artworks can face the challenge of indicating their depth. Without a reference to similar more familiar objects, a piece can look a bit flat. In this instance Leanne returned to me with the idea of using a base, which is quite simple and quite brilliant. A square transparent acrylic and a plinth does the trick.

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Wednesday, July 29, 2015

ProjectA by Mark O'Rryan (3)

Distilling a method for producing a consistent look for a set of images can be a struggle, especially when symmetry is an imaginary category over what is objectively a series of unique objects, each with its own creative features. This attempt at Mark's ProjectA series is a good illustration. A square format flattens for wide objects or presents perspective opportunities; vivid colors must still play nice with the transparent and the white; internal illumination talks back to external; a constant horizon disagrees with distinctive features and background choices; re-composition at the end of the process should provide some valuable teaching points that validate or inform earlier decisions; and of course eventually one runs into the hard limit of time -- Mark, thank you for your patience.

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Here is a sample of what we made.